The best smartphone wallet for Mac, Linux and Android

It’s no secret that most smartphone wallets are built on the back of one of the most popular mobile operating systems, iOS.

There’s also a huge range of wallets on the market, from the traditional Android and iPhone-style wallets that you might use for your phone, to a new kind of wallet that combines the benefits of both, with a touch-screen interface.

We’ve put together the top 10 smartphone wallet choices for Mac and Linux and the best smartphone wallets for Android and iOS, based on our research.

The top 10 wallet choices For Android users, Apple’s own wallet is the one to use.

Apple’s wallet is free and easy to use, but comes with a lot of options for Android users to choose from.

The main ones include its own secure messaging app, iMessage, which can be used to securely send messages from your Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone.

It’s also worth noting that Apple’s iMessage can be activated with the iPhone’s Home button, and is compatible with all of the latest iPhone models, including the iPhone 5s, 5c, 5s Plus and 5c Plus.

For Android, you can choose from several wallets, including CoinPay, which is a secure payments app that is also available for Windows phones.

But if you prefer the more traditional wallet, you could use the WalletHub wallet.

The wallet is designed to make sending payments with Android and other mobile devices easier than ever before.

It has a touch screen, which allows you to see your balance, payments history and more.

It also has a password-protected PIN code, which means you can quickly switch between your wallet and your mobile phone.

The WalletHub app is available for free, and has a huge selection of payment options, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal.

It can also be used as an offline wallet, as well as for sending payments to your bank account.

The other big winner is Dashlane, which has become the go-to wallet for many Android users.

Dashlane’s app, for Android, also allows you a touch interface, making it easy to send and receive payments from your Android device, and also allows for payments to be made via NFC.

The app also supports Android Pay, which makes it easy for Android phones to send money directly to your wallet.

One of the best Android wallets to use is the Dashlane wallet.

It comes with the most secure payment app, a secure PIN code and a password protected PIN code.

You can use Dashlane as your primary wallet for your Android smartphone, but you can also use it as a backup or for using as a standalone wallet.

You also have access to more options when it comes to security.

You’ll get access to a special Dashlane app that allows you, for example, to sync your wallet across devices.

Dashlanes wallet also supports SMS and MMS, and can even be used for SMS messages.

The Dashlane smartphone app is also a great way to manage all your Android devices.

You’re also going to get access for free to the Dashlane Android app, which offers access to Dashlane and Dashlane applications, and other Dashlane-specific apps.

And for Android tablets, Dashlane offers a free Dashlane Wallet app, with all the Dash Lane apps you can get.

The only downside to Dashlances wallet is that you need to buy a separate wallet for Android devices, and the wallet will not work with Android smartphones that don’t have an Android OS installed.

It won’t work with a tablet running an Android operating system.

It may also be worth checking out the Dashlite Android wallet.

This is a wallet designed to integrate with your iPhone, which you can then use to send payments to Dashlite, your Android phone.

It offers a lot more options than the DashLane wallet, including a secure password, payment history, and more options to manage your account.

It is also easy to add Dashlite to your phone for payments and to send messages to your Dashlite wallet.

Lastly, the Dash Lite smartphone app allows you access to the Android Wallet, which will allow you to manage payments from any Android device.

There are a few other Android wallet options that will also work with your Android handset, but this is the most complete list.

The best Android smartphone wallet choice for Linux users, meanwhile, is Mint Wallet.

It will allow your Linux desktop or server to use your Android wallet, which also makes it easier to sync payments across your Android mobile devices.

The Mint Wallet smartphone app also comes with plenty of other applications, including an Android app for managing your wallet, and a Dash Lite app for sending messages to Dash Lite.

Mint Wallet is also compatible with Ubuntu, and offers a wealth of options when you want to use a separate Android wallet for payments.

If you’re not running a Linux distribution on your desktop or servers, the Mint Wallet wallet can be integrated with your Linux server to be able to send

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