Why you should be worried about Walmart’s new Wallet app

WalMart has updated its app to make the Wallet app easier to use, and it also says it is looking into whether it can bring the wallet to Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

The new Wallet is a digital wallet that uses Apple Pay, the technology that powers Apple Pay.

Users can set up an account and add money to their account and use that to pay for things like groceries or a movie ticket, or pay for other services.

WalMart is also launching its own mobile app, called Walmart Wallet, to allow users to make payments from their phones and tablets.

The app is available now on both Android and iOS. 

The Wallet app is designed to be easier to navigate and to work with people who are new to the system, according to WalMart.

“If you haven’t tried Apple Pay or Apple Pay Mobile, this is probably the easiest way to get started,” the company wrote on its app blog.

“You can sign up for an account, set up payment details, and then use that information to make a purchase.”

It is unclear whether WalMart will make the app for Apple’s iPhones and iPads, though it does seem likely. 

“Our customers are very much looking for a simple way to make their payments in the comfort of their own home,” the statement added.

The Wallet app also says users can use the app to pay at restaurants, gift shops, online stores and at WalMart stores. 

Walmart also said it is investigating whether it could bring the Wallet to Apple Pay on an iPhone.

The company did not provide a timeframe for when this would happen.

The Wallet is the latest product from WalMart, which has made several attempts to become a major player in the mobile payments space.

Walmart also announced last year that it would launch its own smartphone app to allow people to pay in the Apple Pay app on their phones.

Walmarts new Wallet features include: A digital wallet for use with Apple Pay

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