Why Louis Vuitton’s wallet is bad news for your health

The leather wallet has a reputation for being a bad investment.

According to the company, the leather wallets are among the most expensive in the world.

But a new study finds the leather wallet is not necessarily bad for your wallet, either.

A new study has found that the leather pocket wallet has the least number of holes compared to the other wallets on the market.

That’s not to say that leather wallets aren’t dangerous, but the study found that it’s a bit better to be in the pocket wallet business.

The study found the leather pockets have the lowest number of gaps compared to wallets that are made of other materials.

But it’s the pockets that have the most holes.

According a study conducted by the University of Minnesota and published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, leather wallets with holes are not just less useful than the other leather wallets.

They’re also less durable.

Leather wallets with fewer holes are also more prone to damage.

The researchers also found that a leather wallet with holes was less likely to have a fingerprint sensor.

“When you have more holes than you have fingerprints on it, that means that the device that’s touching the person’s finger is more likely to get damaged,” said Jessica Bekker, a research associate at the University at Buffalo who conducted the study.

So, if you don’t mind a fingerprint scanner, the pockets in your leather wallet are more secure.

The leather pocket wallets have the least holes in comparison to other wallets.

(Photo: Louis Vuisset/Getty Images) A new leather wallet study suggests that the pockets of leather wallets should be at least 10% larger than those of other wallets, and that the wallets should have at least the same number of pockets as other wallets in the same price range.

“The pockets in leather wallets have to be 10% bigger than the pockets for other wallets,” said Bekkers.

“It has to be the same for all leather wallets.”

Bekers study found pockets in the pockets were 10% smaller than for other leather wallet pockets.

(The pocket sizes range from 10 to 30 cm in size.)

The study also found pockets with holes were more likely than other pockets to have fingerprint sensors.

The holes were found in the leather of wallets that had a metal detector.

The metal detectors were designed to detect fingerprints, but could not detect fingerprints without the metal detector being turned off.

The devices that detect fingerprints by tapping the screen with a finger would need to be turned on.

A metal detector could detect fingerprints from a pocket that’s already scanned.

“In the pocket scanner, you have the option of turning on the detector before the fingerprint is detected, or you can turn off the detector and you have a choice,” said Elizabeth Jablonski, the lead author of the study, who also happens to be an assistant professor at the Department of Psychology at University of Rochester.

The pockets were also found to have holes that are more than double the size of the other pockets.

“There are other pockets on the wrist,” said Jabloski.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been holding my iPhone and a small hole appears on the screen.

It’s more than 10 times bigger than a normal pocket, so it’s much more noticeable.”

The study showed that leather pockets with larger holes than other leather pockets are less likely than pockets with smaller holes to have fingerprints.

(Bekkers study also noted that the metal detectors are not reliable when used on a wristwatch, which makes it difficult to be certain that the fingerprint sensor will be working properly on a watch.)

Bekkins study found a leather pocket that had holes of 20 to 30% of the width of the pocket in comparison with other leather pocket pockets.

A smaller pocket would have smaller holes.

The authors also found the pockets had more holes in the bottom of the pockets than the pocket width.

The bottom of a leather pouch is a smaller area than a pocket width, and the holes in a leather purse or wallet would likely be larger than the holes on a pocket.

“You can’t see the hole that is inside the pocket,” said Jeannette Fisch, the associate professor of psychology at Rochester.

“What you can do is measure the hole depth, and you can see how deep it is.

And if you’re holding a cellphone or your wallet or whatever, you can also see the depth.”

Binkers study also determined the thickness of the leather in the interior of a pocket, the thicknesses of the metal buttons in the metal pockets and the thickness in the inner pocket.

The thickness of leather in a pocket is measured in millimeters.

(Lined pockets have a diameter of 1 millimeter.)

“The thickness of a metal button in the back pocket can be as high as 10 millimeters, and it is also higher than the thickness on the inside of the wallet, which is probably why a

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