Why are the front pockets of all Samsungs wallets thin?

By now you have probably seen this question in the comments section of some of your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 smartphone’s reviews: Why are there pockets on the back pockets of the Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge+, Galaxy S7, and S7 Edge?

Why are they thin?

There is no clear answer.

I’ll explain why in this article, but first, let’s briefly take a look at how Samsungs new Galaxy Note line of smartphones stacks up against the competition.

If you’ve seen my previous Galaxy Note reviews, you know that the Note line features a metal frame and a soft, silicone back.

This soft back is a departure from the rest of the Note family, which features a hard plastic back.

In the Galaxy S series, the Note 5’s soft back has also been used as a stand-alone design.

The Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy Note Edge all have similar soft backs, but there is one difference: the Galaxy Notes Edge uses a metal back instead of a silicone one.

Samsungs S6+ and S6 series phones are still plastic backs, which has made it difficult for them to stand out among the competition on their own merits.

I know, I know.

This is Samsungs fault, and it’s not a good one.

In an effort to make their phones more attractive to consumers, Samsungs designers have made the Galaxy devices soft backless.

Samsung says the S6 Series is the first smartphone with a soft back, but this is a stretch.

The S6 has a soft front and the S7 series has a solid metal back.

It’s possible that the S5 Series and S5 Edge Series are also soft back-less.

If the S series phones did have a solid back, they wouldn’t be so heavy.

Samsung’s newest phones are the Galaxy series, so it makes sense that Samsung has chosen to use a soft metal back for their phones.

It also makes sense for Samsungs to use soft metal on the Note series.

The soft metal of the S Series also makes it easy for the phone to stand up on a table, and Samsung has made sure that the phone stays on its frame.

The Note series phones do not have a metal front.

The back of the Galaxy Series phones has a plastic back, and the Note Series phones have a soft plastic back for a soft surface.

While the Sseries phones have been the hardest hit by the Note 4 recall, the Galaxy and Galaxy S Series phones are also among the easiest to use.

The design of the soft metal and soft back design on the Galaxy phones is a natural progression of the company’s previous design philosophies.

I won’t say that the Galaxy notes are easier to use than the S10 Series, but it’s hard to find a phone with a solid plastic back that’s more comfortable to hold.

Samsung has been able to retain the same soft plastic design for the S family because it is comfortable to use, and I think it makes for a great device.

Samsung hasn’t made the Note5’s front pocket thinner than the Galaxy 4.

The front pocket of the new Galaxy Series Note 5 is made of a rubberized material, which makes it comfortable to grip and the phone is also easy to clean.

The Samsung Note5 is not the first phone with this design, and many other phones have used rubberized back pocket designs.

The main reason why the Note is so comfortable to keep the phone on is that the back of it is made out of a soft rubber material.

The rear of the phone’s rubberized front is also very comfortable to touch.

The new Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series smartphones also use a metal edge for the front.

This means that you won’t be able to use the back buttons to navigate the interface, and if you press down on the home button, the phone will turn off and turn back on.

I’m not sure why Samsung went this route, but I’m sure it has to do with Samsung’s commitment to protecting the company from any lawsuit that could arise from its design choices.

The Edge series phones also have a hard metal back, though it’s a very thin one, making it easier for you to grip.

The metal back of a Galaxy Note is also quite comfortable to work with.

Samsung does not make the Galaxy Edge series phone lighter than the Edge series, but the Edge and Edge Edge Edge series smartphones are also lighter than previous generations.

Samsung also uses a hard-anodized plastic on the Edge Series phones, but they don’t feel as comfortable to the touch.

I have no idea why Samsung decided to make the metal edge on the S-series phones softer, but if you are looking for a phone that can be easily handled and is easy to use on your lap, the Edge is a solid choice.

I also have no clue why Samsung chose to make these new Samsung Galaxy phones soft, but Samsung has done a good job of making them soft.

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