Women are using the Amazon Fire Wallet to make purchases from other women’s wallets

Posted September 19, 2018 11:03:06 A new report from WalletHub suggests that women are using Amazon’s wallet to make money from their purchases.

The company said that women who use its product spend nearly two thirds of their total spend on their wallets.

“A recent study conducted by WalletHub shows that over 50% of women use Amazon’s Fire Wallet, while a quarter of women who shop on Amazon use the Fire wallet,” the report read.

“The majority of women spend on Amazon with a Fire wallet and one third of women said that they purchase with their Fire wallet.”

The average spend on an Amazon Fire wallet is $1,095 per month.

However, the average spend per month on a Fire is only $2,099.

“This suggests that men are using their Fire wallets for women more often than women are spending on other men’s products.” “

There are nearly a third of men’s and one quarter of a woman’s wallets that they use for other women,” it said.

“This suggests that men are using their Fire wallets for women more often than women are spending on other men’s products.”

The report said that while women are “significantly more likely” to spend money on Amazon than men, there are “significant differences” in spending between the genders.

“Men spend on average $11.75 per month, and women spend $8.80 per month,” it read.

The report also highlighted the importance of women buying from men’s retailers.

“Amazon is an Amazon competitor and Amazon has a history of supporting women and women-owned businesses.

Amazon also has a strong history of working with companies in other industries to make their products more accessible and affordable for women,” the study said.

Amazon Fire wallets have been available on the company’s site for several months.

The Fire Wallet was launched in 2017, and it now costs $99.99.

Fire wallets are currently available in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada and Puerto Rico.

The Amazon Fire is a $150 (£114) digital wallet.

More to come.

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