What are the top five wallets in the world?

A leather wallet is one of the most basic wallets available on the market.

It’s also the one most often used by young men and women in countries like the United States and Australia.

It offers a secure, easy-to-carry wallet that’s easy to use, discreet and affordable.

The wallet is also popular with people in the Middle East and Africa, where it’s often found in women’s clothing and shoes.

Al Jazeera’s Paul Jaffe looks at five of the wallets in fashion that are still popular with young men in the Muslim world.

[Source: Al Jazeera] Al Jazeera: Leather wallets in Muslim countries Al Jazeera has been tracking the evolution of the leather wallet over the past decade, documenting the rise of wallets in countries such as the United Arab Emirates, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

As we previously reported, there are now more than 150 million leather wallets in use worldwide.

But there are also pockets in many countries that are only available in pockets.

We visited countries such the UAE and Saudi Arabia, where pockets are not only available but also common, including in traditional clothes.

These pockets are the result of the Muslim tradition of keeping clothes inside the body.

A pocket in a traditional Saudi man’s bag is known as a kufr, and is used to keep the clothes of the deceased inside their body, including clothing of the head and the hands.

In the UAE this is known locally as a hijab, or the covering, and it is a symbol of modesty, not to mention being a symbol for modesty and belonging to a religious community.

In Saudi Arabia a man’s hijab is a man-made symbol that represents the position of a man in the community, but also reflects the identity of the wearer, such as a beard or a kuffar (pronounced khoo-FAR).

For the most part, pockets in a leather wallet are very discreet.

The pockets are very small, often smaller than a shoe box.

This makes them easy to carry, especially when it comes to travelling.

Leather wallets have a very thin layer of material on top of the wallet, but because of the thickness of the material the wallet doesn’t feel like a full-sized wallet.

But it is also very durable and has been used in countries where the majority of people live in poverty and where people often work from home.

Al-Shabab fighters take up position in Somalia Al-Qaeda’s branch in Somalia, the Al-Nusra Front, is one the most violent groups operating in the Horn of Africa.

The group has killed thousands of civilians, including many of its own fighters.

Its leaders have used the leather wallets to protect themselves.

In fact, a number of fighters we spoke to told us that they use them as a weapon in their battle against the government.

They told us about the importance of leather wallets for protecting themselves from the militants and the people of Somalia.

They said that the leathers are extremely durable, and they are the only thing that the militants can rely on in their war against the Somalis.

We spoke to fighters who told us how they protect themselves by using the leather in their pockets to hold a phone or other electronic items.

One of the fighters said: “I keep a phone in the back of my pocket so that I can use it to call my family if something goes wrong.

My wallet is my last weapon in my pocket.

The leathers in my wallet are strong enough to protect me against the bullets that the terrorists are shooting at us.”

Al-Jazeera: The rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) The Islamic State (IS) is also known as ISIL, and its fighters are often referred to as the Islamic state.

Its main aim is to establish an Islamic state, and to do so by establishing a caliphate.

This caliphate will be controlled by the Islamic caliphate.

However, the group has been gaining strength over time.

It now controls large swathes of territory across Iraq and Syria.

There are over 5,000 fighters fighting in Syria and more than 1,000 in Iraq.

ISIL is also spreading across the Middle-East and Africa.

It controls territory in Iraq and parts of Libya and Mauritania.

ISIL fighters have also established an enclave in the Iraqi city of Mosul, which they call the Islamic Emirate.

We asked a number to describe the different pockets and how they keep the items safe.

This is what they told us: I keep a smartphone in my back pocket.

In my pocket there is a small pocket.

There’s a leather pouch with a small button that allows you to carry a phone.

I keep one in my hand.

When I use it, it’s in my palm and I carry it with me.

When the door of my home opens, it goes right into my hand, and the phone goes into my pocket to carry my cash.

I don’t carry a cellphone.

I carry a small piece of paper that is folded in the shape of a heart

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